C functions for beta-, binomial, F- and t-distributions with inverses
2017-05-08, Stig Rosenlund

This is a collection of C functions for some important mathematical-statistical
distribution functions and their inverses. I give them away for free.
Augmented 2016-12-14 and 2017-05-08.

They are designed for maximal execution speed, subject to double accuracy.

If you want access to all source code for Rapp, then please help me make Rapp
open source. Set up a repository in a GitHub wiki if that is the right thing to do.
I am not good at such things.

File  Description
betaetc.txt  C source code as .txt, ready for compile.
betaetc.pdf  Same source code in pdf for reading and printing.
betaetc_math.pdf  The mathematics.