Correction to Abramowitz & Stegun page 80
2017-09-04, Stig Rosenlund

When implementing the function asin() for complex arguments in Proc Mbasic
I discovered errors on page 80, formulas 4.4.37 and 4.4.38, in "Handbook of
Mathematical functions" by Abramowitz & Stegun. It is corrected in the file
below. "NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions", avaliable at, is a modern comprehensive reference to mathematical
functions, which does not contain the errors. But since Abramowitz & Stegun
is still widely used, if for no other reason than that mathematicians have
learned their way in it, any correction to it needs to be publicly known.

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AoS080-with-correction-and-comment-v3.jpg  Corrected page 80