Lectures on BICH, RDC, MMT with MVW, credibility
2014-11-23, Stig Rosenlund
2017-12-30, Updated

File  Description
Rlecture.pdf  Reserving -- BICH and RDC.
Tlecture-Dpe.pdf  Dispersion Estimates for Poisson and Tweedie Models.
Tlecture1.pdf  Tariff analysis -- MMT with MVW, part 1 more practical.
Tlecture2.pdf  Tariff analysis -- MMT with MVW, part 2 more theoretical.
Clecture1.pdf  Credibility -- claim frequency.
Clecture2.pdf  Credibility -- mean claim.
Clecture-EOH.pdf  Credibility by Esbjörn Ohlsson.
Bich.pdf  Paper:  Bootstrapping Individual Claim Histories (published).
Dpesttw.pdf  Paper:  Dispersion Estimates for Poisson and Tweedie Models (published).
Imp.pdf  Paper:  Inference in multiplicative pricing (published).
Cr.pdf  Paper:  Compound Poisson Credibility (unpublished).
Polim.pdf  Paper added after the November 2014 workshop:  Poisson approximation (unpublished).
Lecture2015.pdf  Lecture held 2015-08-21 on tariff analysis with Rapp.
Tlecture-swed.pdf  Planned lecture for 2015-11-26 on tariff analysis.
Rapp-run-and-edit.pdf  How to run Rapp -- three ways.
Photos  Mostly from Yogyakarta.