Some of my published papers in the 1900s
1973  On the length and number of served customers of the busy period of a generalised M-G-m queue with finite waiting room
1974  Waiting for Clusters in Inhibited Renewal Processes (coauthor Lennart Råde)
1976  Age Replacement with Discounting for a Continuous Maintenance Cost Model (coauthor Arne Ran)
1977  Upwards Passage Times in the Non-negative Birth-death Process
1978  Transition Probabilities for a Truncated Birth-death Process
1980  The Random Order Service G-M-m Queue
1981  Markov Chains in Small Time Intervals
1983  Practical Inversion Formulas
1986  Social Darwinist Aspects of Utility and Probability
1989  Numerical calculation of the Cramér-Lundberg approximation