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Important new functionality or bug corrections in Rapp that users need to be alerted to
are described in News.  Otherwise new Rapp zip files will mostly mean that Rapp will
run somewhat faster, or that some computation will give a more exact result, or that
some clarification has been made in the manual, info texts or error messages.

Rapp is a free actuarial program for non-life insurance. Send questions & bug
reports to stig.ingvar.rosenlund@gmail.com !     Zip files updated 2022-12-04 at 20:24.
For file entries (= with dots), right-click and use Save target as... to download.

Rapp All-In-One zip file  Package with the essentials and example Rapp programs.
Rapp exe files in two versions   Rapp, Rappmenus, a text-editor and manuals.
Rapp-pr.pdfOverview of Rapp in English.
MapsMaps made with Rapp & package for maps of Indonesia.
LecturesOn BICH, RDC, MMT with MVW, credibility.
RosenlundLecture201809.wmvVideo lecture on tariff analysis with Rapp.
Tlecture-eng-2018-v2.pdfAccompanying pdf to Video lecture.
Rlecture-eng-2020-v1.pdfPdf lecture on reserving. I might make a video later.
Rappkod.zipSource code with instructions.
Rappinfo.pdfOpen letter on the maintenance of Rapp.
AoS correction  Correction to Abramowitz & Stegun page 80.
WhyC.jpg  Reasons to use C rather than C++ for making Rapp.