Rapp programs for 32 and 64 bits, a C# GUI (Graphical User Interface) and manuals
2023-12-05 at 01:40, Stig Rosenlund

Rapp32Vc2017.ExeFor 32-bit environment. Made with a free compiler/linker1.
Rapp.ExeFor 64-bit environment. Made with a free compiler/linker1.
Rappmenus.ExeVisual Basic interface to some parts of Rapp2.
Sred.ExeMy text-editor. Put it in a folder that is part of PATH.  Right-click on a file in
the Explorer and choose Sred, or write Sred or Sred file on the command line.
Rappmane.docManual for Rapp.
Rappmane.pdfManual for Rapp in pdf. Embedded files cannot be opened.
Rapp-run-and-edit.pdfIntroduction to running and editing Rapp programs.
Resvmane.pdfManual for reserving in Rappmenus.
Rapp All-In-One zip file  Package with the essentials and example Rapp programs.

If you have used Rapp, I would appreciate if you send me a mail to stig.ingvar.rosenlund@gmail.com
telling which procs you have used.
So I know, for example, how much work I would impose on users
when changing the syntax of some proc.

You might have to turn off malware protection temporarily before downloading. For Norton, open it
and click Download Intelligence. Click OK in the following box. See picture here.

For a 32-bit environment choose Rapp32Vc2017.Exe and for 64-bit choose Rapp.Exe.

If you use a 32-bit version in a 64-bit environment, your memory use is severely restricted due to
what is occupied by other programs in the below-4-GB-part of the memory.

Under 32-bit, rename Rapp32Vc2017.Exe to Rapp.Exe on your computer.

1Free compiler/linker: Microsoft Visual C++ 2017, C-part only.
2You might have to delete the Rappmenus settings folder
if it exists, before downloading a new version of Rappmenus.Exe.

In Windows Explorer in Sweden, Users is displayed as Användare.
Real folder names are the English ones.
2020-06-10.  I have added in Adapt.Exe an option to delete the settings folder. It can be
done without going through the other steps of Adapt.Exe. This does not affect the parmfiles
in C:\Rapp.