Updated 2023-12-05 at 01:40
Download   => Rapp.zip   or   Rapp.zipx (smaller, requires newer Winzip)
Description => AllInOne.htm

If Rapp crashes or doesn't give the expected output:
   First check if your latest download is earlier than the date above, and
   if not download again. Also check the News page for notifications
   of bug corrections. If that doesn't solve the problem, contact me:

Download   => Rappmultiprecision.zip  Package with Rapp variants for
precision up to 9000 digits. Work as Rapp.Exe except for maxprecision
in Proc Mbasic. There are 7 exe files Rappnnnn.Exe, where nnnn
denotes the maximum number of correct digits in the mantissa of the
mouble data type of Proc Mbasic. They are only for 64-bit. Rapp.Exe
with maxprecision 306 is not included in Rappmultiprecision.zip.
The size in bytes of a mouble is as follows.

Rapp0027.Exe  32

Computing speed is not much affected by choosing a larger variant than needed for a
given precision. But the possible number of variables is affected, hence these variants.

Mbasic has all elementary and inverse circular functions and also matrix
calculus. The normal probability distribution function, its inverse and
related functions. The Gamma and Psi functions. The incomplete
Gamma function, ie the Gamma distribution function. Bessel functions.
C functions